Direct Email Marketing

Direct Email marketing is a means of selling or promoting a product or service, for example: an email announcement about an upcoming event, a limited-time offer, or a special 'Members Only' offer. FairRewards makes sending email announcements quick and easy by partnering with one of the pioneers of Direct Email Marketing, Carr Knowledge. With its extremely fast messaging speeds, custom-designed emails and broad feature set, Carr Knowledge is your ideal for Direct Email Marketing partner.  In addition, through our partnership with Carr Knowledge your first Direct Email Campaign is gratis when you work with FairRewards!

Why market with email?

Traditional direct marketing is expensive, and typically returns a 1-3% response rate. It's also fairly difficult to track results; who really knows how many of your recipients simply threw away your mailing without looking at it? Direct Email Marketing, by comparison, costs pennies per name. Targeted email messages often deliver responses (in terms of click-through links) of 5-15%. Some clients of Carr Knowledge have had responses as high as 83%! Today's Internet technology makes it possible to monitor online responses to your email in real-time, and with Carr Knowledge you simply tell them what you want and wait for the results.

How to manage an email campaign:

As an example scenario, consider a restaurant that wants to send a weekly message to thousands of customers. How can the restaurant approach its email marketing campaign? We recommend the following:

Define objectives: Promote a special evening, increase entree orders, etc.

Determine criteria for measuring success: Number of guests needed, average guest check, etc.

Select Direct Email Partner; Otherwise, your customer relations may suffer. We suggest Carr Knowledge as theirs is a 'managed' service. You send a simple email that says what you want, when you want it sent to your customers, and what results you hope to achieve. Carr Knowledge does the rest for you!

Confirm member subscriptions with an opt-in process:

Enable list members to subscribe and unsubscribe from the list very easily (again, in order to maintain excellent customer relations and to avoid appearing like spam).

Insert "hotlinks" or other dynamic elements into each email message that facilitate action: purchasing tickets, recommending your email club to their friends, etc.

Watch membership activity carefully. Carr Knowledge can take your goals and prescribe a strategic course of action to achieve your goals.