How Does It Work

FairRewards is happy to introduce a new program that positively impacts fair and tradeshow promoters, attendees and sponsors.

As people enter a show, they are given a magnetic stripe card at the ticket booth as they purchase their tickets. Just inside the gates everyone has a chance to swipe their card through a touch-screen kiosk, answer a short survey and win prizes. All data collection is opt-in and only those requesting more information will be contacted.

• The show promoter receives qualified data on attendees as needed and requested. (Age, income, how far from the fair they traveled, media sources they use etc.)
• Show or fair exhibitors can choose to participate and have attendees directed to their booth, print coupons and/or generate highly targeted leads for their products or services.
• The attendee who completes the short survey will receive instant coupons, gifts or enter-to-win prizes. (For instance; a free latte or round of golf or free beverage with a food purchase—there are many opportunities to reward the participant.)

FairRewards provides this service to the promoter while maintaining a short, fun and rewarding experience for each participant.