Who's That Crowd

FairRewards brings their one-of-a-kind interactive event marketing to reward your visitors, increase revenue for your vendors, and produce an accurate demographic portrait of your crowd!

If You are the Promoter!

As a show promoter you spend a lot of money gathering a large crowd to attend your event. They see your marketing efforts, buy a ticket to your show---thoroughly enjoy themselves—and leave.

Who’s my crowd?

Who are they?
Where do they live?
What radio stations do they listen to?
What newspapers do they read?
What television stations do they watch?
What cable programs are their favorites?

In a friendly non-obtrusive way—you can now ask your crowd all of these questions and more.
And best of all...the FairRewards program can drive additional revenues to you. Your visitors will be rewarded with free prizes and enter-to-win opportunities.  Your sponsors will be able to interact with your crowd in a new and beneficial method.
You will learn about your attendees and be able to more prudently spend your advertising dollars in the future and begin dynamic e-mail marketing programs to draw larger crowds—less expensively in the future!


If You are Attending an Event!

FairRewards is a new way to connect consumers to your business. This program will drive qualified prospects to your booth and generate qualified and targeted prospect lists.

If You Are A Show Sponsor or Vendor!